Handmade Crocheted Hats and Beanies from Pussy Cap
Frequently (or seldom) Asked Questions
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Why are Pussy Caps so expensive?
It's all about the yarns. I use only the highest quality, animal-fibered yarns with hand-dyeing and/or handspinning often adding to the cost. The better or rarer the yarn the more expensive it usually is and I'm committed to using only the very best and the most beautiful yarns I can find. The other factor involved in the price of Pussy Caps is the time it takes me to make them. Even though I'm a fast hooker it still takes a few hours to make a cap and I'm comfortable making a few bucks for my time.

Where did the name Pussy Cap come from?
My friend Lola and I were having breakfast at the Heidelberg in Laguna Beach one Sunday morning and I was bemoaning the expense of maintaining my websites, so she suggested I sell something on them to help defray the costs. I said I didn't have anything to sell and she said, "Baloney, you have all kinds of things to sell. Your beanie caps for example." The idea appealed but what would I call them?

One silly name led to another and then Lola said something about them being as soft as pussy cats and from pussy cats she went to pussy caps and instantly something resonated. I raced home, registered the domain PussyCap.com and started creating this website that afternoon.

How long does it take you to make a cap?
Usually about three to four hours. Depends on the yarns and how involved the pattern of the cap is. Thicker yarns crochet up faster than thinner yarns and caps that use two or three yarns together can take a lot longer to work up than a single strand does. So the time it takes to make a Pussy Cap is mostly determined by the yarns and the difficulty of the pattern. And sometimes by how many glasses of wine I had with dinner.

Are you going to mass-market Pussy Caps?
No. The idea started out small and has gained a lot of momentum over the years. But my plan is to keep making only one-of-a-kind caps and doing only as many as Jed and I are able to do in our spare time. I used to think that I would only ever make the caps myself but my partner Jed picked up a hook and some yarn one day, without any prompting from me, and now he makes them with me. I design them and then we work on them together. 

Isn't crocheting something women do?
Yes, but some of us guys like crocheting and knitting too - more than you might imagine really. I crochet because I like the rhythmic movement of the hook through the yarn and the amazing feel of the fibers in my hands. And I do it because it's immensely creative. The one thing I never feel like when I'm crocheting is feminine - I just feel like me and I'm a guy who's an artist and that's who I am even when I'm crocheting.

Do you do custom work other than caps?
For now all I do are Pussy Caps, Pussy Tails and Nekkers. For everything else there's your grandma.

Who designed and built your website?
I did

Who does your photography?
I do

Who crochets your caps?
I do

Who writes your copy?
I do

Who handles your shipping?
I do

What charities do you support?

How can I contact you?

Handmade Crocheted Hats and Beanies from Pussy Cap
Handmade Crocheted Hats and Beanies from Pussy Cap
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