To order Pussy Caps from this sale page please email me at beaniecapguy@gmail and include the name of the cap. I will give you payment information at that time. Normal shipping charges apply. I take credit cards and PayPal.
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Alpaca, Merino, Mohair and Wool Four Corners Pussy Cap

Four distinctly different yarns form the basis for this big thick Four Corners Pussy Cap. The end result is a fabric that looks like mahogany with lots of subtle shifts in color. (The pink yarn is mush more subtle in person than in the picture.) The four yarns are: natural black superfine alpaca from Peru`, a tiny thread of eggplant mohair, a handpainted merino yarn from Uruguay and a thin strand of pale pink wool. It's one of the more unusual combinations I've done and I think it turned out really nice. On the inside is a band of brushed baby alpaca and black superfine alpaca, both from Peru`. They have been charged with keeping things soft and comfortable around your forehead and ears and they do their job well. 
180.00+ 6.00 shipping 
Brown Peruvian Alpaca with Handpainted Merino

An understated Pussy Cap with two beautiful yarns - the first being a natural brown Peruvian alpaca and the second a richly colored merino wool that's been spun and handpainted in the US. It's soft and warm and durable and will provide many years of warmth and protection. This is a classic beanie cap style with an easy fit for anybody's head because of the natural stretch of the yarns and the inherent stretch of the crocheting. 
$100.00 + $6.00 Shipping 
Handpainted-MIllspun Merino with Peruvian Alpaca

​This classic Pussy Cap incorporates a millspun, handpainted merino yarn whose vibrant colors spiral their way up to the top of the cap. I coupled it with a strand of Peruvian alpaca tweed in three of its natural colors. Thick, soft and highly insulating this cap will fit anybody's head because of the inherent stretch of the yarns. The strength and durability of the alpaca and merino yarns means this Pussy Cap will be around for a long long time. 
$100.00 + $6.00 Shipping 
Brown Alpaca with Handpainted Cashmere & Silk

This classic Pussy Cap style combines two super soft yarns - a baby alpaca in its natural espresso brown from Utah and a thin thread of cashmere and silk that's been handpainted in a whirlwind of shimmering colors. The combination of these two yarns makes for a fabric that's exceptionally soft and supple while at the same time providing lots of warmth and protection. It's an easy for for anybody's head because of the inherent stretch in the alpaca yarn. It's wonderful on - the perfect beanie cap for year-round comfort and protection. 
$100.00 + $6.00 Shipping 
Pure Peruvian Alpaca Top to Bottom

Peruvian alpaca in white, black and grey! The soft and silky suppleness of these yarns make for a beautifully draping fabric that looks so cool on. Roll it up, wear it all the way unfurled or anything in between. This is a versatile, warm, protective and of course a very soft Pussy Cap in my signature Four Corners style. Will comfortably fit anybody's head...
$140.00 + $6.00 Shipping