I crocheted this matching Pussy Cap and Pussy Tail for one of my very special clients here in California. From Lisa Souza comes this extraordinarily beautiful handpainted, handspun yarn that she calls South Pacific - a work of art inspired by her recent visit to New Zealand. The yarn is a blend of Merino wool & silk, handpainted both before and after spinning in the beautiful blues, greens and dark teals that you see pictured.

As an accent in the cap and as a more integral part of the fabric in the scarf, is a pure silk, olive-green ribbon yarn from the Noro yarnmakers of Japan. At over 13 feet long this Pussy Tail will wrap and wrap and wrap and still have lots of length. The merino adds warmth and softness while the silk adds lightness and a subtle shimmer. Truly a beautiful pairing of handspun and millspun natural fibers. Hover your cursor over the images to see more details.
Handpainted and handspun pure Mongollian cashmere from Lisa Souza in a color scheme called Wild Things.
From Lisa Souza comes this rare and beautifully handspun baby alpaca yarn from the first shearing of a cria named Risa. The natural milk chocolate brown has been coupled with a natural black Peruvian alpaca for this custom order matching Pussy Cap & Tail.
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From Lisa Souza's collection of handspun Rare Treasures comes this blend of angora fur & merino in a rich, subtle pallet she named Mesa, her stunning interpretation of the colors of the American Southwest. This exquisite Pussy Cap & Tail were a custom order for a client here in California.

Hover over the images with your cursor to see more detailed views of this very special yarn.
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This is a custom matching Pussy Cap & Pussy Tail for my friend Michael John in Hollywood. Roll your cursor over the pictures to see more views of them both. One of the most beautiful yarns I've ever worked with, this beauty was custom spun and dyed for me by the lovely Ms. Souza herself. It's a blend of half cashmere and half superfine merino. Lemme tell ya, it feels just like cashmere and the indigo blues are simply the most beautiful I've ever seen in a yarn. Adding drama and lightness in between the thicker yarn is a tiny but wonderfully textured strand of jet-black merino wool boucle` that I brought back with me from Rome and have been hoarding for two or three years now. I had to part with it for this combination because it was just so perfect for it.
Chocolate Cashmere...

Pussy Tail crocheted with 100% pure handspun Mongollian cashmere from Lisa Souza's Rare Treasures Collection.
This beautiful matching Four Corners Pussy Cap and 12ft Pussy Tail were a custom order for my buddy Richard. The silvery-white yarn you're seeing is a natural colored handspun angora fur from Kristen Worthington and alternating with it through both the cap and tail is a gorgeous boucle` yarn from Italy that's a blend of merino wool and silk. Extraordinary softness and warmth in a show-stopping cap & tail for a guy who's going to get a ton of wear out of both.
This is a custom Pussy Tail that I crocheted for my twin brother Steve. He wanted something majorly thick and warm for skiing and this is what we came up with. The three yarns that I crocheted together as one are a warm grey strand of pure Canadian Qiviut, a brown strand of pure Peruvian superfine alpaca in its natural color and a black strand of pure Peruvian superfine alpaca in its natural color. With this Pussy Tail around his neck my bro will likely never be cold ever again on the slopes.
Pussy Tails are scarves crocheted in the round rather than flat which makes them thicker, warmer and more luxurious than a regular scarf. These unique one-of-a-kind scarves are made only from cashmere, angora fur or baby alpaca since those are the only fibers that are guaranteed to be soft enough to be worn around your neck. Pussy Tails are available by custom order only and each one is individually priced according to the yarns I use in it. Please contact me via email for more information or ordering.
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