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Handpainted Merino with Peruvian Alpaca

​This classic Pussy Cap boasts a handspun, handpainted merino that's as soft as it is colorful and beautiful. It's joined throughout by a strand of Peruvian alpaca tweed in three of its natural colors. Thick, soft and highly insulating with an easy fit for anybody's head. While this traditional beanie cap style is simple the yarns elevate it to something extraordinary. 
$100.00 + $6.00 Shipping 
Handpainted-MIllspun Merino with Peruvian Alpaca

​This classic Pussy Cap incorporates a millspun, handpainted merino yarn whose vibrant colors spiral their way up to the top of the cap. I coupled it with a strand of Peruvian alpaca tweed in three of its natural colors. Thick, soft and highly insulating this cap will fit anybody's head because of the inherent stretch of the yarns. The strength and durability of the alpaca and merino yarns means this Pussy Cap will be around for a long long time. 
$100.00 + $6.00 Shipping 
Cashmere, Mink Fur and Samoyed Fur

Two amazingly soft and beautiful yarns here. A handspun blend of cashmere and mink fur has been handpainted in a palette of wine, subtle lavender and traces of blue. It alternates with Samoyed fur from Canada in its natural snowy-white color to which a small amount of merino has been added for strength and durability. This is a lightweight Pussy Cap that will nonetheless provide lots of warmth and insulation because of the mink and Samoyed furs. With a few wearings the Samoyed fur will bloom giving the cap a delicate halo, making it even softer and more beautiful. The fit is a little smaller but because of the inherent stretch in the yarns it will easily fit anybody's head. A real beauty at a great price. 
$120.00 + $6.00 Shipping 
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Tan & Brown Alpaca with Handpainted Merino

This big Four Corners Pussy Cap has a wonderful drape and a lot of length to play with. I started with natural tan and brown alpaca yarns to which I added a strand of a very soft handpainted merino. All three yarns are from Peru` and they're fantastic together. Softness, warmth, durability and beauty all together in one sweet Four Corners cap. Say yes to this one! 
$140.00 + $6.00 Shipping 
Kenyan Wool, Peruvian Alpaca and Italian Cashmere

Handspun wool from Kenya in its natural colors really shows off its stuff alongside a strand of Peruvian alpaca in its natural colors. Mostly grays, whites and blacks here with the occasional brown bits of the Kenyan wool appearing randomly. I added a band of natural white Italian cashmere to the inside of the cap so only that will be touching your skin. This is a really handsome Four Corners Pussy Cap that will wear beautifully for a long long time and keep you warm and protected while doing it. 
$160.00 + $6.00 Shipping 
Coral Merino with Gray Wool, Bison and Yak

The coral color you see in this cap is part of a melange of subtle colors in a merino sock yarn that include black, brown, rust and gray. Unusual, right? To that I added a strand of a beautifully twisted handspun gray yarn that has wool, bison and yak down all spun together. Those are the technicalities - bottom line is that this is a gorgeous cap and one of the most unusual I've made in awhile. It's soft and supple and roomy and you can wear it in a number of different ways depending on your mood or need. I like this one so much I'm tempted to keep it...
$160.00 + $6.00 Shipping 
Pure Peruvian Alpaca Top to Bottom

Peruvian alpaca in white, black and grey! The soft and silky suppleness of these yarns make for a beautifully draping fabric that looks so cool on. Roll it up, wear it all the way unfurled or anything in between. This is a versatile, warm, protective and of course a very soft Pussy Cap in my signature Four Corners style. Will comfortably fit anybody's head...
$140.00 + $6.00 Shipping 
Peruvian Alpaca with Highland Wools in Red and Yellow

The colors of this big Four Corners Pussy Cap are amazing - so many shades of natural alpaca browns, tans and black that are accompanied by two strands of Highland wool in red and yellow. I trimmed this cap with a rich red kettle-dyed merino yarn from Uruguay and all together they really work. The fabric is soft and supple and depending on how you wear it you'll have a really nice drape at the crown of your head. The Four Corners caps are really versatile so there's a lot of ways to wear them. 
$160.00 + $6.00 Shipping
Brown Alpaca with Handpainted Cashmere & Silk

This classic Pussy Cap style combines two super soft yarns - a baby alpaca in its natural espresso brown from Utah and a thin thread of cashmere and silk that's been handpainted in a whirlwind of shimmering colors. The combination of these two yarns makes for a fabric that's exceptionally soft and supple while at the same time providing lots of warmth and protection. It's an easy for for anybody's head because of the inherent stretch in the alpaca yarn. It's wonderful on - the perfect beanie cap for year-round comfort and protection. 
$100.00 + $6.00 Shipping 
Qiviut and Alpaca/Silk Nekker

The Canadian qiviut is in its natural warm gray while the blend of alpaca/silk has some beautiful tones like gold and blue among others. There is nothing softer to wear next to the delicate skin of your neck than qiviut. And there is nothing warmer. Qiviut does a lot of blooming and as it does the look and feel of it become more and more luscious. Qiviut is the downy undercoat of the Arctic Musk Ox and there is nothing in the world like its softness and warmth.
140.00 + 6.00 shipping 
Red Merino and Kenyan Wool Four Corners Cap

The red handspun and kettle-dyed merino is beautiful to look at and is very soft so it somewhat offsets the natural wool from Kenya. These two yarns are great together and make for a really dense and protective cap. The band on the inside of the cap is there to make it comfortable for the sensitive skin of the forehead and ears. It's a natural white Italian cashmere coupled with a Peruvian alpaca tweed in three of its natural colors. What an amazing cap this turned out to be - it's a showstopper on and will last for a long long time.
180.00+ 6.00 shipping
Qiviut and Merino Nekker

The Canadian qiviut is in its natural warm gray while the German merino covers some subtle territory with lots of blues and pale coral. There is nothing softer to wear next to the delicate skin of your neck than qiviut. And there is nothing warmer. As it blooms the merino yarn will be less visible but you'll still see it. Qiviut is the downy undercoat of the Arctic Musk Ox and there is nothing in the world like its softness and warmth.
140.00 + 6.00 shipping 
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Handpainted Merino/Silk with Black Alpaca

The deep burgundy colors of this cap are a little too bright here - in hand they're quite subtle and rich. The handpainted yarn is a blend of silk and merino from Peru` and it's accompanied throughout the cap by a strand of jet black alpaca and a tiny thread of burgundy mohair and silk. A lot of beautiful yarns all looking so good together in this Four Corners Pussy Cap that has a lot of drape at the crown if you choose to wear it that way. A lot of versatility with this style in addition to its softness and warmth. Really beautiful.
$160.00 + $6.00 Shipping 
Indian Angora Fur with Peruvian Alpaca

Spun in a small town in northern India, the coral and red angora fur yarns are as rare as they are beautiful. This is the last of my stash and it doesn't appear that I can get anymore. I coupled it here with a Peruvian alpaca tweed for a soft and luscious fabric that will keep you warm and protected. Roomy classic beanie cap style for anybody's head. 
$120.00 + $6.00 Shipping 
Alpaca, Merino and Wool

This classic style Pussy Cap has some really fun colors in addition to being super warm and durable. The merino yarns here have a lot of memory so the cap will retain its shape nicely. Comfortable, stretchy fit for any size head.
$100.00 + $6.00 Shipping 
Peruvian Alpaca with Vintage Wool Yarns and handpainted Merino

The red and yellow wool yarns that you see in this cap came from an obscure little thrift shop in Northern California. They're new and were on their original factory cones when I bought them. Joining them is a strand of handpainted merino from Uruguay and a strand of Peruvian alpaca tweed. Nice stretchy Pussy Cap that'll stay firmly on your head and keep you plenty warm. 
$100.00 + $6.00 Shipping 
Handpainted Wool with Peruvian Alpaca Tweed Nekker

Luscious colors and softness in this Nekker that couples a Peruvian alpaca tweed with a wool yarn that has big schlubs of color showing up randomly throughout. Really beautiful on and plenty soft for most people's necks. 
$120.00 + $6.00 Shipping 
Handpainted Merino, Alpaca Tweed trimmed with Coral Angora

So many beautiful yarns and colors here starting with a Peruvian tweed in three of its natural darker colors. To that I added a handpainted merino from south America and a very tiny strand of coral mohair from Italy and trimmed it all with a coral angora fur yarn from Chile. It's a big, beautiful Four Corners Pussy Cap that'll keep you warm and toasty for a lot of years. 

$160.00 + $6.00 Shipping 
Merino and Alpaca Nekker in Black and Pale Coral

There's a nice simplicity to this Nekker that at first glance seems like just black and coral. But a closer look will reveal the subtleties in the colors as you can see in the detail shot. The yarns are all from Peru` and are alpaca and merino. Very soft and very durable - you'll be wearing this one for a long time. 

$120.00 + $6.00 Shipping 
Blacks and Grays Alpaca Four Corners

Big, thick and smart, this Four Corners Pussy Cap has a wonderful black inner band of brushed baby alpaca that ensures you'll have all the softness you need next to your forehead and ears. An alpaca tweed from Peru` has been coupled with pure black alpaca and a strand of grey yarn that was spun from wool, alpaca, merino and bison. All natural colors through and through. This cap has a snug fit so will stay put no matter what you're doing. Skiers and boarders will be delighted! 

$160.00 + $6.00 US Shipping 
Merino, Alpaca and Mohair Four Corners Pussy Cap

Wonderful drape on this Four Corners beauty. The yarns are soft and pliable and all three of them worked beautifully together. They are a handpainted merino from Uruguay, a naturally colored tweed alpaca yarn from Peru` and a lime green mohair yarn from Italy. Rich and interesting colors together make for a pretty special cap. 

$160.00 + $6.00 US Shipping 
Cashmere, Alpaca, Merino and Mohair Four Corners Pussy Cap

The white yarn here that makes up the body of the cap is a blend of cashmere and merino. Wonderfully soft on the skin,to say the least. Joining it is a strand of Peruvian alpaca tweed and a tiny strand of lime green Italian mohair. I trimmed this big Four Corners cap with a purple strand of yarn that's blended from merino and yak. Its styling is simple and yet there's some nice complexity in there too. Big, thick, soft and warm - a real treat!    $160.00 + $6.00 US Shipping 
Brown, Coral and Rust merino and Alpaca Nekker
Two great yarns here that combined for a subtle undertone of mahogany. Lots of coral and rusts in there too. The Peruvian Alpaca tweed is in three of its natural colors and they all work beautifully with the painted merino. Soft and more soft for the delicate skin of your neck and yet yarns strong enough to hold up for a long time. Both openings are trimmed with the alpaca tweed. 
$120.00 + $6.00 US Shipping